Web development from
Hamburg / Germany

Hi! I am a freelancer from Hamburg, Germany, doing web development. Most knowledge I got in the following areas: HTML, CSS, Responsive Webdesign and ProcessWire. I'm always searching for constructive colaborations and interesting projects.
Leave me a message at info@jonashamm.de

18 years of experience
approx. 197 succesfully finished


Complete website

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Let's make a complete website together with me. If you want, I can use a content management system, so you can edit the contents afterwards by yourself via a nice interface.

Support of agencies

You need freelancer support for your agency? Don't hesitate to ask. If you want I can stay totally "invisible" for your clients.

Update existing website

You want your current website to be updated and state of the art features, maybe optimized for all kinds of mobile devices? This is my area.

Individual applications

You need something special, something that's kind of a web app? Generally there is nothing that is impossible! If it's a bigger project I can contact specialists with which I worked sucessfully for years in most cases.

Technologies and Tools

In the following my preferred technologies, tools and services. More infomration on Stackshare.io
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